For Business: Office 365 Offers More than Google Apps

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Microsoft?s collection of enterprise-grade applications surpasses Google?s comparable offering.


Google Apps is cheaper than Microsoft, but it?s cheaper for a reason. Microsoft produces a richer and more professional end-user experience.


Office 365 is Microsoft?s newest innovating product. It provides desktop versions of Office Pro Plus in combination with additional hosted products like Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync Online for unified communication, and Office Web Apps.


Office 365 integrates the desktop Office products businesses already know and love with innovative cloud hosted brother programs. This well-known Microsoft family interface provides for ease of use where there might otherwise be a tremendous learning curve. Migrating to Office 365 creates a familiar transition resulting in lower error rates and employee confusion. Conversely the Microsoft products which make your company run won?t work the same through Google Apps.


Outlook is the predominant desktop email application used by business. This overwhelming preference makes choosing Office 365 the logical decision. A continued Microsoft experience will reduce hang-ups in migration and user understanding.


Microsoft products are tried and true. Most businesses have relied on them for years. A fact which helps business owners rest soundly. They see integration as the next step in a history of success.



Features of Microsoft?s Exchange dramatically increase business productivity.


Exchange Online for Email:

  1. Calendar sharing permissions. Google has no offering for shared calendars.
  2. File-level manipulation of messages. Gmail messages are not .msg files like on outlook and therefore cannot be controlled in the same ways.
  3. Outlook 2010 has automated sorting such as AutoArchive and Mail Cleanup.
  4. Google does not provide inbox collection of text messages, voice mail, or IMs.


Data Security and Control:

  1. Microsoft?s Information Rights Management (IRM) empowers admins to customize access permissions.
  2. If an unauthorized recipient is added to a message without IRM they could corrupt or steal sensitive data. Microsoft?s security features safe guard against the threat of these dangers which could result in punitive damages to your business.
  3. Google does not offer IRM.
  4. Google charges an extra fee for encrypted mail.
  5. Key difference: Microsoft gives the option of on-site physical infrastructure while Google is strictly remote and web based.
  6. Using Office 365 gives you greater control over the flow and retention of your information.
    1. ?For example: If a company phone is lost or stolen you can remotely wipe it.
    2. Information is retained through legal hold also referred to as journaling. Journaling differs from archiving. Through this secure practice companies can record all communication (email, voice, etc.) within the business. This is particularly important for high risk or high security firms like law offices, financial institutions, or medical offices.? Journaling helps companies comply with legal privacy requirements.
    3. When you implement the legal hold feature information cannot be accidentally deleted because a copy of everything lives in a ?legal hold archive? outside of your exchange server.


Business runs on Microsoft. The software giant recently published case studies of Office 365 migration experiences. One small business owner had tried Google because of the attractive pricing. He ended up canceling with Google after a string of hang-ups such as inability to access technical support and documents not transferring. He had to manually convert each word document in his entire company into Google docs format. He also explained that a move away from Microsoft was really a turning away from the business world. He explained, ?We work with a lot of financial services organizations, and they?re going to stay the course (with Microsoft.) With a large enterprise, the safe answer is with Microsoft. You know what you?re getting.?


Office 365 isn?t just safe-it?s effective!


New platforms like SharePoint and Lync enhance productivity. SharePoint allows robust sharing of corporate material and fosters collaboration on documents and other files. Lync connects all communication, across all modes, both within and outside of your business. Lync enables unified instant messaging, presence, voice and video conferencing both within your company and with your clients.


Business gets done faster when everything flows together without hitches. Running Microsoft products top to bottom allows this to happen.

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