Office 365 SharePoint Online 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint Consulting Online brings the cutting edge platform technology of fortune 500 firms straight to the cloud for your small to medium sized firm. Easily create sites to share and collaborate with your customers, vendors, and employees.

Empower Your Stakeholders:

  • Customers: Easily create an improved public presence online which is both interactive and professional.
  • Vendors: Powerful intranet sites will allow employees to access all vendor information from one secure location, eliminating confusion for both your team and your suppliers.
  • Resellers: Reduce the cost of outbound logistics by providing resellers a simpler way to communicate orders.
  • Employees: Project Sites and Team Sites will allow your employees to bring the right talent to the plate at the exact moment it is needed.
  • Investors: Enable your internal sites to easily update key successes to management, investors, and the public as needed, keeping all stakeholders confidant in the future of your firm.


SharePoint Design and Development:


Office365advisors employs trained SharePoint specialists, so that we can provide your business with premium SharePoint consulting and development. The services we offer can be tailored to your businesses? exact needs. Whether you are looking for full site SharePoint development, or employee training for you in-house staff on the latest upgrades in SharePoint, Office365advisors can help. Click here to learn more about the services we offer.


SharePoint Upgrades:


Already have SharePoint, but looking for some help using the latest upgraded version? Office 365 Advisors can provide SharePoint consulting to suit your specific needs. Learn more about how we can help your business by visiting our SharePoint Upgrades page.


Need some SharePoint Consulting? We can answer all of your questions.

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