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About Office 365 Advisors

Office365Advisors is a specialized unit of the successful technology outsourcing firm CyberStreams Inc. (est. 1997). As more businesses in the Greater Seattle area have begun moving their networks to virtualized platforms, it has become clear that the best way to serve our growing customer base was to get ahead of the technology curve.

Before the beta version of Microsoft Office 365 had even been released, our advisory group had already begun ramping up the facilities and knowledge necessary to deliver small and medium sized firms a high level of expertise specific to their industry needs. We believe your technology should be simple and right for your business model, not a headache.

Our ideal customer has no desire to arm wrestle with the complexities of technology, yet they still wish to leverage the benefits of an efficient network. This is why we make our mission to take great software and personalize it for your firm. In the end, we make things simpler and more efficient than any of the competition.

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