Examples and Solutions for SharePoint Online’s Library, List, and Discussion Zones (Part 3)

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A How-To Guide for New SharePoint Admins

This is a multi-part guide. You are on Part 3: Adding SharePoint Online Libraries, Lists, and Discussion Zones.

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Part 3: Creating SharePoint Online Web-Parts

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Note: SharePoint has been updated since this blog was posted! This means that the instructions provided through these links may not apply to the latest version. The same general ideas and concepts still apply, but specific instructions have changed. To learn more about using the most up-to-date version of SharePoint, visit our latest SharePoint Blogs, and check back soon, because we have more How-To’s, Guides, and Articles on the way!


In the previous instructive blog “Part 2: Add SharePoint Online Web-Parts” you learned how to add elements to your homepage. As we begin you’ll want to bring up your SharePoint homepage.

In this section we will be focusing?on the left column of your teamsite homepage (see below) where you will find your libraries, lists and discussions. Let’s begin by adding a new library.

Adding a new library:

Document libraries are a one-stop place on the web where you can share collections of files with your team.

    1. Click “Libraries”
    2. Click “Create”

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  1. A pop-up appears asking you to choose what you are adding. First,?make sure that you add a “library.” Let’s add a “document library.” Second, give your library a name. Let’s name it “Intern’s Documents.” Third, click “Create.” (see image below)

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Making a List:

A SharePoint list is basically a collection of pieces of common information. To make a list you follow the same exact steps as making a library.

  1. On the far left side on the page click the blue hyperlink ?Lists? then click ?Create.?
  2. The familiar pop-up window appears. Choose the item you want to add to your lists. (Let?s make a company phone list) Click the icon ?Contacts.?
  3. Give your Contact List a name in the box on the right side of the pop-up. (Let?s call it ?Employee Phone list.?)
  4. Once you give the list a name you can hit the ?Create? button below the name box.

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Adding Contacts to Your Contact List:

  1. Click ?Employee Phone List? on the far right under the ?Lists? category.
  2. Click the ?+ Add new item? hyperlink.
  3. A pop-up appears and you can enter contact information.
  4. Enter and ?Save? contact info.

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Creating a Discussion:

Discussions are a way to share and collaborate information with other people.

Advantages of using SharePoint Discussions instead of email:

  • The discussion lives forever in a convenient location. Information can get lost or overlooked in a crowded email inbox,?but?won?t get lost or accidentally deleted in SharePoint.
  • You won?t have to remember where you filed a group email.
  • When you?use discussions you?make use SharePoint?s powerful search engine to find what you?re looking for.
  • Your information is consolidated and easily accessible.
  • New employees will be able to login and see what your business?was brainstorming before they came aboard.
  • Company-wide questions and concerns are answered once and posted to your designated discussion.
  • All future related or repeated questions?answered in SharePoint and won’t?land in?the already?overloaded inboxes of individuals.

To create your discussion follow the same steps you took to create new libraries and lists. (Use above steps and images for assistance creating a new discussion.)

Modifying a Discussion:

Discussions can be modified to include different team members with different levels of access clearance. Follow the steps below to edit your Discussion.

    1. On the far right click the hyperlink of the discussion you wish to modify.? (I?ll
      modify ?Team Discussion.)
    2. In the top dark blue banner find the List Tools tab and click ?List.?
    3. Go to the far left and click the icon ?List Settings.?

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    1. In the middle of the page under ?Permissions and
      Management? click the hyperlink ?Permissions for this discussion board.?
    2. At the top of the page in the Permissions Tools toolbar under ?Edit? (this should come up automatically) click the icon ?Manage Parent?? in the far left corner of your screen.
    3. Clicking ?Manage Parent? gives your boxes next to each name. Check the box next to the name of the group or person that you wish to edit permission settings for.? (I?ve checked Viewers)
    4. Back in the Editing Toolbar at the top click the ?edit User Permissions? icon.

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  1. A pop-up appears and you check boxes to edit permissions.

Deleting Lists, Libraries, or Discussions:

If you ever want to delete something you?ve created the process is very simple. Let?s practice by deleting my library ?Intern?s Documents.?

  1. On the far right side click the item you want to delete. (?Intern?s Documents)
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the page click ?Library? in the ?Library Tools? tab.
  3. Click the ?Library Settings? icon located in the upper right corner of the page.? (Steps 1-3 You?ll remember from the process you used to manage the permissions in a discussion.)
  4. Under the same ?Permissions and Management? column in the center of the page select the first blue hyperlink ?Delete this document library.?

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