Administering the Lync Online Control Panel

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Guide to Lync 2010 Administration

*This guide is designed for users with the Enterprise plans, if you are on the P1 plan operational details may differ.

Start by Logging as normal (you’ll need to be a global administrator to do the tasks described below).

You’ll find yourself at the Office 365 Portal main administrative screen, click the link that says “Manage” under the heading “Lync Online: Instant messaging with audio and video and online meetings.” (see below in the lower middle portion of the image):

Office 365 Main Admin Portal

This brings you to the Lync Online Control Panel, the default screen is the “Overview” screen you see below:

Lync Online Control Panel

Domain federation: refers to whether Lync in able to federate data and sign-on with other Office 365 elements. This does not mean it currently is, it simply means that the Lync side can. (sort of like having the oven on means you can bake if you want, but doesn’t imply you are actually baking yet).

Public IM Connectivity: Allows you to turn on off the ability for internal users to conduct instant messaging with users external to the organization. You can see a screenshot of the IM Connectivity tab below:

Lync Online Control Panel IM

As you can see, an organization is able to control IM access from any number of domains it is managing. In the above example there are two.

On the last tab administrators can control access in a granular fashion for each user:

Lync Online Control Panel Users

A link to instructions on changing individual settings can be found here.

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