How to Administer OneDrive for Business

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After publishing my previous blog “How to Configure Auditing with OneDrive for Business,”?I’ve received comments on how to globally administer OneDrive for Business personal sites.
In general each user is responsible for their own OneDrive settings. However, there is a way to manage OneDrive for Business accounts other than your own. As of now managing them globally will requires the admin to manage each user site.
You must have Office 365 global admin privileges. Here are the steps below:

  1. As an Office 365 Administrator you are greeted with the Office 365 admin center page. Scroll down on the bottom left and select SharePoint.
    Admin Center

  3. Once you are in the SharePoint admin center select user profiles
    User Profiles

  5. Within the user profiles category you can select Manage User Profiles
    Manage Profiles

  7. In the Find profiles box?enter?the desired username?to manage

  9. Right click and select Manage site collection owners

  11. In site collection owners you can add a Primary. To add multiple users, use Site Collection Administrators with a semicolon to add more than one.

    Once permissions have been granted you can now select Manage Personal Site. You now have?access to modify their OneDrive for Business personal sites.

    OneDrive for Business is essentially SharePoint. You will find many similarities between the two. An Office 365 Administrator account can grant themselves access to whichever OneDrive for Business personal site they desire. I have yet to find settings disable a single users ability to modify their own personal site.
    For now this is the easiest way to administer your OneDrive for Business accounts other than your own. For OneDrive for Business, Office 365, and SharePoint information contact us today!



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