BPOS to Office 365 Migration FAQ

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BPOS to Office 365 FAQ

This blog is an extension to the blog entry: Overview of BPOS to Office 365 Migration.

I would recommend you start there is you are just now beginning to learn about the migration process. Topics here assume you have read that section.

Question: Is there an expected outage during the transition window?

Answer: Minor SharePoint Outage at a couple of points, and SharePoint is read only for transition window.

Question: What about other browsers like Firefox? I understood Microsoft was providing usability on other browsers.

Answer: There are a number of supported browsers in Office 365 – Safari, Firefox. Check the service description for a list.

Question: Will you allow customers to opt-out of requiring periodic password changes to all users?

Answer: If the customer is using Cloud Identities they must follow the password policy in O365. If they use SSO they can use their own password policy.

Question: Do we have any control over the transition date?

Answer: Most customers will be scheduled but they can ask for their transition to be delayed or accelerated. but customers or partners cannot choose the exact date.

Question: What about customers with Exchange Hosted Archive?

Answer: EHA customer can transition to O365 and continue using EHA. EHA transition to EOA is separate and unconnected to the transition from BPOS -S

Question: About the gap between the “be ready” date and the actual transition date. One requirement is that the BPOS sign-in application be uninstalled and the Microsoft Online Desktop Upgrade be installed. Will this leave the end user without access during the transition period? Especially if they are using a thick client like Outlook and their profile is reconfigured. Or should we wait until the transition is complete before performing this switch?

Answer: There is no period of lost access. The sign in assistant can be removed after transition.

Question: Can ANY partner get delegated admin for their clients?

Answer: Delegated Admin is a benefit of the Cloud Accelerate program and therefore available only to Cloud Accelerate partners

Question: Does this mean Education that is on BPOS or does that include Education on Live@edu? Or is there a different roadmap for Live@edu to O365?

Answer: Both. Some EDU customers are on BPOS. Live@EDU will eventually transition to O365 too.

Question: Is it required for transition for customers to change their passwords for 365?

Answer: Yes – this is needed to ensure they can connect on Office 365 after transition.

Question: BPOS didn’t have plans for small businesses like the P1 plan for 6$. Will it be possible to migrate customers from BPOS directly to P1 without creating a new subscription?

Answer: Make all contract/licensing adjustments after transition has completed (Since there is no path from E plans to the P1 plan, I get the impression this is Microsoft’s way of saying “no, sorry you can’t”).

Question: To be clear on the password change requirement. If the existing BPOS password meets complexity requirements and if the user actually knows his or her password, then there is no requirement to change. The previous password will simply work. Is that correct?

Answer: Changing password before transition is recommended, but yes.

Question: When customers get the “Be Ready” mail they need to install Lync. but Lync uninstalls Communicator automatically. does that mean that they will be without OCS at all until the end of the transition?

Answer: No – 30 days out from their transition date, they can install Lync and it will work on BPOS -S

Question: When the Admin console is locked, can users still change their passwords through the BPOS client?

Answer: No

Question: Will Exchange have any downtime during this process?

Answer: No

Question: Will all BPOS customers (users) be sent the transition emails or just the administrator?

Answer: All administrators in the BPOS -S tenant.

Question: There will be “down” time? I will need some Backup?

Answer: There will be very little downtime. None for email. SharePoint goes read only and has occasional downtime.

Question: Just to clarify you have until the 14 days before communication to opt out right?

Answer: Yes – at T-14 you are locked in.

Question: Is there a Microsoft online desktop equivalent for Macs? When do they remove Single Sign On?

Answer: The sign on client can be removed after transition. We support mac applications and Safari on O365.

Question: Do we need to modify the Outlook setup after the transition?

Answer: The desktop set up tool makes the modifications needed. Please read the O365 service description.

Question: How about DNS changes prior to the transition?

Answer: Tech details here : http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/8939e90a-59dc-4f0f-aec0-19a899c0af75.htm

Question: Is there a change in DNS servers?

Answer: Yes. See here: http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/8939e90a-59dc-4f0f-aec0-19a899c0af75.htm

Question: Initial Outlook deployment of O365 requires manual engagement to setup the account, that will not be required for the transition customers?

Answer: Not the same as the initial deployment. Details of admin tasks here: http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/8939e90a-59dc-4f0f-aec0-19a899c0af75.htm

Question: How about small BPOS clients with 10 or 15 users and only 1 BES device. Can they transition now?

Answer: BES customers are blocked until BES is available. Early 2012. (As a side note, if you only have one BES device, you could always just switch that device)

Question: The transition docs instruct to install Lync before the transition, if the customer does this will they be fully functional with Lync right away or will Lync not work until after the transition?

Answer: At t-30 customer can install Lync client and it will work with BPOS -S until transition. They will get BPOS -S functionality not Lync Online functionality.

Question: Are ‘tenants’ the same thing as mailboxes? Also, is this only for BPOS (Suite) or does it apply to Exchange Online clients?

Answer: Everything we have discussed here applies to BPOS -S customers even if all they have is Exchange Online.

Question: What does the lock mean for customers? Will email still be available to them for those 2 days?

Answer: Email will still be available. Customer cannot add or delete users, make admin changes or change passwords.

Question: Do any Outlook settings need to be change? If so, what are they?

Answer: between Auto-discover and the desktop setup tool Outlook is mostly addressed. Details here: http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/8939e90a-59dc-4f0f-aec0-19a899c0af75.htm

Question: With the transition notifications, is the cost outlined? For example: If I am a BPOS suite users, what package will I go into and what will be the cost (E2?). And if I am just a hosted Exchange user, what is the package/cost. (E1?)

Answer: Transitioning customers mostly transition to Plan E1. You can always make licensing changes afterwards. Check the transition center on Microsoft.com.

Question: What about BPOS D customers?

Answer: The blog post on BPOS migration does not address BPOS -D customers. Those customers will undergo a different process.

Question: For “uninterrupted mail flow” does this mean users can send/receive emails while the transition is in progress? At what point are they required to reconfigure their desktops and apps?

Answer: Outlook will need to restart after transition. Email is available during transition.

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