The Cloud, On Your Terms

Office 365 and Business Growth

Unmatched Scalability

Never waste money on unneeded software again.

  • Easily add and drop users as needed on a monthly basis. Grow 20%, add 10 licenses. Face a hard economy the next quarter, drop 10 licenses. No risk of upfront fixed costs.
  • Never experience compatibility issues again. Software versions are always up to date and automatically patched by Microsoft. If a better version of Word comes out, you already own it.
  • Wide range of hybrid options allows you to mix and match license types as needed. Get your information workers the best tools and save through lower cost options for your installers and manufacturing workers.

Infrastructure You Need

Many of the most popular features of BPOS and SharePoint 2007 no longer take an IT wizard to use.

  • Templates and straightforward site creation tools allow the average business owner to create efficient team sites, vendor portals, client facing sites, and much more.

    What is SharePoint?

  • Externally hosted Exchange services grow as you need them to. Have more employees? Need more file capacity? Don?t worry about buying, installing and managing servers. One call and your network capacity just doubled in size.
  • Moving locations? Since your network runs in the cloud, you now have one less headache.
  • Be able to access email, documents, contacts, and calendars, anywhere, anytime.

Designed for Control

Enterprise class tools for limiting liability and managing decentralized workforces are now available to the small business owner as well.

  • Intuitive admin system allows business owners to personally manage technology tasks that used to be a headache.
  • Pull reports on employee web surfing behavior and email activity.
  • Restrict access to important business functions.
  • Manage database and SharePoint site access on a granular level with simple two step actions.
  • Manage your server from anywhere using a secure web portal that integrates everything you need to run your business while out of the office. Office 365 is the first Microsoft SaaS solution to support Hybrid Deployment for businesses in need of increased security and on-premises features.

What is SaaS?

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