How to Configure Auditing with OneDrive for Business

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The auditing feature is well hidden within OneDrive for Business. This guide will help you activate this feature as the platform has undergone dramatic changes. A key feature that could potentially be a purchasing point for SMBs is auditing. The importance of auditing can be extremely useful. Here are some examples:

  • Ensure permissions have been granted correctly
  • Use as a security protocol to trace documents that were deleted or restored
  • A great productivity tool to ensure documents are completed on time

The auditing function is not exposed in the Office 365 interface. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Login to the Office 365 portal, then click OneDrive. Now you should be OneDrive’s main Documents page. Navigate towards the gear icon and select Site settings.

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  3. You should now be in the Site Settings configuration for OneDrive. Under the Site Collection Administration click Site collection features.

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  4. Once you’re in the Site Collection Features scroll down to Reporting and select Activate.

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  5. Below the Site Collection Administration contains the Site collection audit settings. Activating the Reports feature will generate a new selection for Audit Log Reports.

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    Note: The Audit Log Reports will not appear under Site Collection Administration without activation of Reports under Site Collection Features.

  6. The Site Collection Audit Settings page will allow you to specify which events to audit.


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  7. The Audit log reports page will allow you view activity, information management policy, security and site settings, and custom reports.

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  8. After selecting a report you must specify a location to where must store the excel documentation. The option forces you to save in a directory of OneDrive. However, saving the log to the desired location allows you to download the log separately to a specified location.

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  9. Auditing is definitely a game changer in the cloud solutions department. Take a moment to specify which auditing features are right for you. Reevaluate your current cloud solution and compare them side-by-side. If your company has a strong following of Office 365 products than OneDrive for Business could be a great fit for you.
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