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Why pay more for downtime, when you can pay less for uptime?

Sometimes, technology becomes a headache. As technology continues to grow at an exponential rate, companies struggle to effectively manage their IT. Without regular updates and smooth operations of your business’s IT assets, IT merely becomes an exhaustive expense. Here at CyberStreams, we make it our priority to keep up with the changing IT environment, so that you don?t have to!

Companies run into hundreds of minor computer problems every month. It does not make sense to have your CFO, your Marketing Manager, or any other employee with a bit of computer skill act as ?Sort-of-Tech-Guy? for the day. Their time is valuable to your company and this isn?t a skill you hired them to have. So let them get back to work and have the Technology Support Experts at Office 365 Advisors be part of your Team with our Fixed Rate HelpDesk Package

Traditionally, IT Service Companies provide hourly labor structured billing options for their clients. Based on industry need and multiple requests from our most successful clients, Office 365 Advisors in conjunction with its parent company CyberStreams Inc. has pushed forward with revolutionary fixed contract IT support alternatives. We now offer our clients a complete remote helpdesk programs called Fixed Rate HelpDesk Packages.

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What are Fixed Rate HelpDesk Packages?

Providing IT help and resources for your Staff via a Fixed Rate Service HelpDesk Package helps solve many day-to-day technological problems. The package includes:

  • Helpdesk support for a variety of end user issues: Everything from Office Pro Plus questions, to questions regarding Office 365 Portal Administration.
  • Access to a team of Technology Support Experts: Cyberstreams can help your employees get back to work quickly, all for a manageable price!
  • Mobile support for devices from iPads to Blackberries: Your team should be as productive on the road as it is in the office.
  • A designated Technology Advisor: Your primary contact who will help you plan for your IT planning, this includes discussing company direction, providing recommendations on software/hardware upgrades, and cost benefit comparisons!

Heldesk Contract

Our Commitment:

  • Fixed monthly price
  • Comprehensive HelpDesk Support
  • Minimize time wasted on tech issues
  • Provide high quality, measurable results
  • Smoother and more efficient operations
  • Fewer disruptions
  • A team of experts at a cost below that of a single full time employee
  • No surprises technology plans that are synchronized with business plans.

For businesses who have more demanding technological needs than remote support alone can handle, we offer a Fixed Rate Service Contract that covers onsite support as well as remote assistance. To learn more about that program and which contract is best suited for your business? needs, contact a Office 365 Advisor Representative today

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