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Office 365 Advisors, Custom SharePoint Design Services:

Office 365 Advisors SharePoint Designers provide custom design, development, and implementation services for all SharePoint versions. This includes training our customer’s end users to effectively adopt Microsoft SharePoint as a business intelligence foundation for their workplace. Make it easier for co-workers, clients, partners and vendors to work together. After implementation, your team can set up web sites to share information, use SharePoint workflows to manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. To learn more about SharePoint and why SharePoint should become part of your business, click here.

  • Full SharePoint Site Development: For customers who want an effective solution to be seen through from start to finish, we offer comprehensive packages including SharePoint design, SharePoint development, installation, implementation, and training from our SharePoint Designers. This allows business owners to achieve their goals without affecting overall operations. Visit our SharePoint Services page to learn more.

  • Composite SharePoint Development: For business owners who want the tools to run their own sites, we offer services in developing specialized composites that can then be integrated as needed into your desired sites.

  • Employee Training: Are you a web development firm looking to sharpen your offerings? Let us help you get your developers up to speed on ways that SharePoint Development and SharePoint Design can be used to help leverage your customer’s existing website infrastructure.

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