Using Tablets for Business (Part 3): Create Office 365 SharePoint Document Libraries and Link them to your Outlook

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This is a multi-part guide. You are on Part 3: How to Create and Link SharePoint 2013 Libraries and Documents to your Outlook App

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How to Create and Link SharePoint 2013 Libraries and Documents to your Outlook App

This is a multi-part blog. Feel free to move between sections to find the information you need. Please note that the previous sections of this blog are on our parent corporation CyberStream?s blog.

Also note that the instructions provided here apply only to Surface Pro users. For a discussion of why we chose to look at the Surface Pro rather than RT for business purposes, reference Part 1: Using Tablets for Business ? Introducing the Surface Pro.

Creating SharePoint Document Libraries

Go to Internet Explorer on your Surface Pro.

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*Please note: I will box all significant instructions in the pictures that I provide in red.

Go to your Office 365 Login at the Office 365 portal. Once logged onto Office 365, go to your SharePoint Sites (button is in top right, assuming your account is licensed to use SharePoint Online).

SharePoint has a couple of very useful features. One of these is the ability to create shared document files. Everyone who has access to your SharePoint site can use these documents.

To create a document library, go to your personal page by selecting ?About Me? in the list under your name in the upper right hand corner. On your page, select the ?Apps? option on the list on the left hand page. This will show the apps that you have access to and have added. To add a library, select ?Add an App?.

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This will take you to a page with Your Apps. Select ?Document Library? to add a Library to your SharePoint page. You will be prompted to title the Library. I titled mine with the ever descriptive ?Documents.?

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If you return to your SharePoint site you will now see the app ?Documents under ?Recent Links? on the left-hand list on the page (box 1). To make this link more permanently accessible, select ?Edit Links? (box 2) and drag the link to the appropriate place on the list (box 3). You now have a functioning document library that you can upload documents to.

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Linking SharePoint Libraries to your Outlook App

Once you have a set of documents you are working on, you can share that library with your Outlook account. This means that to access these documents, you can just go to your Outlook App on your Surface Start page instead of going through the lengthy manual process.

To do this, select the Library tab on the ribbon at the top of your documents screen. There is an icon under this tab called ?Connect to Outlook? Selecting this will synchronize the documents in this library with your Outlook account.

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Please note that if this option is greyed out, you might not have the necessary permission to make this change, or the documents might already be synced with your Outlook. If you suspect the former, contact your system administrator.

To look at the change that this made, return to the start page. If you are just joining us note that you can push any of the windows buttons, or move your mouse to any of the screen?s corners or swipe your finger from the left side of the screen inward and select the ?Start? button to get back to the Start Screen. Go to your Outlook 2013 App.

Under your Inbox, you will now have a new tab with the same name as the specific SharePoint Page that the documents came from. Under this tab, you will find your documents. This makes it easy to pull up important information, forms, and projects on your Surface Pro!

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If you are running into problems with either your Surface Pro or SharePoint Online, please contact Office 365 Advisors. Our trained Helpdesk team and account managers can get your business back on the road to productivity.

This concludes Part 3: Using Office 365 on the Surface Pro ? Linking SharePoint Libraries to your Outlook App.

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Note ? Part one and two of this guide is on CyberSteams, our parent company specializing in IT services and IT Consultant’s blog.

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