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Office 365 PlannerAs of late, Microsoft has been brewing up some extra media for Office 365 subscribers. Luckily we?re on top of it. The new Office 365 application is called Office 365 Planner. What is it? This so called planner is essentially your Office 36 organizer. Within this planner you can create new plans, organize, assign tasks, share files, chat, and get notifications of updates.

Here at Office 365 Advisors we wrote a similar blog post, here, where we talk about Microsoft Delve.

This is Microsoft?s attempt at creating a team-based organization tool, which is? a new feature within Office 365 groups. These boards display processes, and each individual has a profile that they can identify themselves with. People can assign things like due dates and priorities as well. Any document attached to a card in the Planner is saved onto SharePoint Online. Thus, this creates a location where everyone in your organization can share files.

Office 365 Planner is streamlined into Microsoft?s cloud-based suite ? even Outlook?s desktop, and even Web email clients. You can expect apps such as OneNote to be integrated as well. The only downfall that we see with this app is that it is indeed too Office365 oriented. How can Microsoft expect to streamline their product if they can?t organize other programs or apps?

This is a great attempt from Microsoft, and we should accept applications with these with open arms as it gives us options. It definitely adds a little more spice then your vanilla Excel spreadsheet or SharePoint Planner. Office 365 Planner is still in preview mode, where availability is limited.

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