A How-To guide for using your Surface Pro for Business (Part 4): SharePoint Site Mailboxes

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This is a multi-part guide. You are on Part 4: How to Create and Link SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes to your Outlook App

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How to Create and Link SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes to your Outlook App

This is a multi-part blog. Feel free to move between sections to find the information you need. Please note that the previous sections of this blog are on our parent corporation CyberStream?s blog.

Also note that the instructions provided here apply only to Surface Pro users. For a discussion of why we chose to look at Pro rather than RT for business purposes, reference Part 1: Using Tablets for Business ? Introducing the Surface Pro.

Creating a Site Mailbox

Go to Internet Explorer on your Surface Pro.

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*Please note: I will box all significant instructions in the pictures that I provide in red.

Go to your Office 365 Login at the Office 365 portal. Once logged onto Office 365, go to your SharePoint Sites (button is in top right, assuming your account is licensed to use SharePoint Online).

Another useful application of Office 365 for Surface Pro users is the ability to connect SharePoint Site Mailboxes with your Outlook Mail. The purpose of a Site Mailbox is to aid in communication between specific groups. For example, you could use a site mailbox to communicate with other members on a project. Alternatively, you could use a site mailbox as a unique point of contact for a specific account or customer.

To create a SharePoint site mailbox, go to your personal information tab in the top right corner and select ?Site Contents?. Under ?Site Contents?, select ?Add an App?

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There will be several options of popular apps that you can add to your site. One of these is ?Site Mailbox?. Select this app.

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Your Site mailbox will resemble your Outlook account. The main difference is that right now it is not tied to your Outlook, and only people specified by your site can use it.

If you return to your SharePoint Site, you should see the Site Mailbox app appear under ?Recent? links in the left-hand column of the page (box 1). You might want to consider making the Site Mailbox more permanently accessible by pinning it to that list of links. To do this, select ?Edit Links? (box 2). And drag the Site Mailbox link to an appropriate position on the link list (box 3).

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If you have more questions about manipulating Site Mailboxes, you can view the instructions on Microsoft?s help page. We are going to move on to the focus of this blog ? making your Surface Pro productive by making your SharePoint documents and email accessible!

Linking SharePoint Site Mailboxes to your Outlook App

If you use your SharePoint Site Mailbox regularly, you might want to consider accessing it through your Outlook account. This increases your efficiency by placing all of your email in one handy function, and increasing ease of access on your Surface Pro.

To do this return to your Outlook account. In Outlook, select the gear Icon on the upper right hand corner of the page and select ?Options.?

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Under options, select the ?Site Mailboxes? option on the left-hand side of the page. Here you can see any Site Mailboxes you are connected to through SharePoint, and determine which should show up when you open the Outlook Application. Make sure that the option ?Show in Outlook? is selected for the Site Mailbox you want to access through the Outlook App.

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Now, when you open your Outlook App on your Surface Pro?s Start page, you will see your personal email, as well as a tab for your SharePoint that contains your Site Documents and your Site Mailbox.

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By combining Office 365 with the Surface Pro, using a tablet for business becomes easy and efficient! CyberStreams and Office 365 Advisors are excited to continue exploring options for how to use tablets for business, and we will keep you updated on what we find out.

If you are running into problems with either your Surface Pro or your SharePoint, please contact Office 365 Advisors. Our trained helpdesk team and account managers can get your business back on the road to productivity.

This concludes Part 4:How to Create and Link SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes to your Outlook App

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Note ? Part one and two of this guide is on CyberSteams, our parent company specializing in IT services and IT Consultant’s blog.

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