Is It Time To Backup Office 365?

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It’s 2015?and Office 365 is?growing?at?rapidly. What happens to an email message that’s been deleted from the trash bin? Once deleted, it’s gone. Recovering messages such as these can become difficult, tedious, and time consuming.
There’s two options:

  1. Paying extra for an?Office 365?License that contains?e-Discovery and Legal hold (Not recommended as recovering that email can become very time consuming).
  2. Invest in an Office 365 Cloud?Backup to recover your email, calendar, contacts, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business.

It’s true that Microsoft has a backup strategy for Office 365. However, only to a certain extent — on?Microsoft’s terms. They?do NOT provide full?backup and granular recovery options. Microsoft backups are for internal use only. There are rare?instances where one could potentially recover a deleted mailbox.
Why businesses should backup Office 365:

  • 48% of small businesses have experienced sensitive data loss
  • 75% of data loss is attributed to Human Error
  • An average of 6 hours is needed to recover lost data
  • It’s been predicted in 5 years only 43% of email will remain on-premises

The same question will arise when deciding on a cloud back-up, security. Since SkyKick’s Office 365 Backup is stored on Azure platform we get the added benefits of their encryption and compliance requirements. For more on Azure Compliances click here.

Almost every Office 365 Backup solution is cloud-to-cloud backup. If you’re not ready to move to the cloud then cloud-to-cloud backup will not be an option. Business owners who still aren’t ready to move to the cloud will need to do more research.

Better yet, call?Office 365 Advisors!?Our?strong history of Office 365 implementation?towards our clientele makes us no strangers?towards?the good ol’ cloud talk.
Office 365 Advisors?is?Microsoft Cloud Accelerate and Certified Microsoft Partner for Cloud Services.
Yes, there are?other solutions such as Cloudfinder, CloudAlly, and Symantec’s Live Office. Those alternatives also offer different types of?backups in addition to Office 365 Backups?such as Google Apps and Salesforce.?For now we’ve only had our hands on SkyKick’s Office 365 Backup.
Most cases backups are always an afterthought until these scenarios actually happen. Currently there is no compelling reason to switch over to an?Office 365 Backup. Time will tell as on-premises e-mail will eventually fade away. For those who choose to stay ahead of the game, check out SkyKick’s latest offering below.

Enter SkyKick, our trusted Office 365 Migration partner. Their product helped us successfully migrate thousands of mailboxes onto Office 365. SkyKick’s?latest Office 365 Cloud Backup offer:
Easy Setup and Management

  • No installation
  • Quick, fast automated discovery of email, files and easy configuration
  • Set and forget
  • Control where you store data via Microsoft Azure
  • Unified management console

Unlimited and Secure Storage

  • No data caps
  • Exchange: Email, Calendar, Contacts
  • SharePoint: Site Collections, Documents, Files
  • OneDrive for Business: All Files

Fast Search and Restore

  • Fast search on users, individual emails, and files
  • One-click restore with immediate restoration
  • File permissions respected restoring to permitted users only
  • No file overwrites

SkyKick’s Office 365 Cloud?Backup solution is now available to new and existing clients. Stay tuned as SkyKick?integrates new and improved features towards their Office 365 Cloud Backup.?To inquire more about SkyKick’s Office 365 Cloud Backup and pricing contact us at (855) 482-6678.




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