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+1 for Mac users of Office 365

We’ve done a number of Office 365 migrations recently where the client has 20-50% of users on Macs. It is therefore frustrating to have to explain that one of the best parts of Office 365, Lync Online, is only partially functional for Mac users. You can read more about Mac functionality in Office 365 here.

The good news is that is changing. Do we know when? Yes/Maybe:

  • In talking with the Lync team the official line is that full Lync functionality on Mac “is coming soon, possibly by the end of the year”.
  • However, a number of sites have began discussing rumors of “October” being an expected date. [Source, Source] This would be sooner than I’d anticipated and previously had assumed. To say the least, I’m excited as we currently have a number of Lync migrations qued on the sidelines waiting for this event.

My recommendation to business owners with numerous Macs is to go ahead and migrate all the other Office 365 features now, and hold off on deploying Lync Online until you can do the whole experience in a single swoop. If nothing else, this also lessens the learning curve of new features for end users which may not be a bad thing. Go ahead and come back 3 months from now and polish of the rest.

The below image is a screenshot of what the interface for Lync Online 2011 for Macs will look like. This image was taken from one of the sourced links above which is a site specific to news on Office products as the relate to Macs.

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