Unified Communications for SMB?s? Lync PBX Integration Makes it Possible!

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Listen up SMBs! The next thing in communication and collaboration is here, and its name is Total Connect by Chinook Communications.

Over the past decade, a unified experience of communication has been the goal that all voice technologies strived for. Unfortunately for SMB?s, unified communication is often expensive, and only available in enterprise grade versions not designed for small clients.

That?s why Office 365 Advisors was so excited when Chinook Communications announced its release of Total Connect, a Lync PBX Integration system, in June 2013. As partners with Chinook Communications, Office 365 Advisors works to provide SMB?s with the unified communication solutions that they need.

How does it work?

Total Connect is a Lync PBX integration system. Basically, this means that we can take your existing Office 365 Lync subscription, and enhance it with PBX functionality.

Microsoft Lync Functionalities: Unified user experience for voice, video, meetings, presentations, presence, and traditional instant messaging, and accessibility through mobile devices.

+ PBX Functionalities: Transfer calls easily, enable intelligent hunt group logic and call prioritization, specific voice mail capabilities, unlimited domestic inbound minutes and 500 domestic outbound minutes.

= One Unified Communication Experience with Total Connect!

What does this mean for your business?

You are on a conference call with a client at your desk at work. You realize that you need to get home, so you seamlessly transfer the conference call to your mobile phone, so you can leave the office and catch the bus. Once you are home, you transfer the call again to your personal laptop so you can keep working from home. All of this happens without the client noticing a thing.

That?s the power of Lync PBX Integration – effortless communication and collaboration that matches your business needs.

What are others saying?

Lync PBX phone integration has been meet with a considerable amount of excitement. Roy King, senior manager of Lync at Microsoft, expressed particular excitement about the Total Connect product, saying:

“Their understanding of both the technical nuances and business value of Lync will be really beneficial to their small and medium-size business customers, especially with Lync’s new mobility, video conferencing, and other features.”

Want to learn more?

Office 365 Advisors provides best in class Office 365 support, sales, and consultation. For more information on Business communication and collaboration, contact us today!

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