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Trouble Shooting On PCs (Lync for Mac discussed below)

This guide shows you how to override a common glitch Microsoft Lync has been struggling with. This will not necessarily solve all problems, but I’ve found that 2/3 times this fixes the customer’s Lync sign-on issue.

If you are having issues consistently signing on, it may be related to automatic internal/external server name settings not automatically configuring properly. To overcome that, you may wish to input the settings manually, a step by step process is discussed below.

  1. Click the “gear shaped” settings button at the top right of the Lync application.
  2. Now click the “personal” tab on the left.
  3. Then click “advanced” by the sign-in address box near the top right.
  4. Now click Manual Configuration
  5. Input the internal and external server names (the ones in the image have worked in all situations so far for us, if this doesn’t work, contact Microsoft support). Note: You can click the image below to enlarge it.
  6. Click OK

What about Lync for Mac?

The setup for Lync for Mac is a bit different and directions can be found here: Lync for Mac Setup. These internal and external settigns may work for your Mac users as well. They have done so for us. Contact Microsoft support if issues persist.

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