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{company} provides you with the newest in cloud technology with Microsoft Azure. With Azure, you can increase your company?s efficiency and security by integrating cloud storage and virtualization into your network. Azure lets you use the skills you already have, and technologies you already know, to build and manage your network faster that every before.

Upgrade the way your company operates with cloud services from Microsoft Azure. Contact {company} at {phone} or {email} to learn more about what Azure can do for your company.

{company} makes cloud services easier than ever with Microsoft Azure. Clients can take full advantage of the integrated tools, pre-built templates, managed services, and features available with Azure, including:

  • Visual Studio Application Insights: Providesclients with telemetry?services for devices and web applications to increase your wireless collaboration.
  • Azure Automation: Lets you toautomate?the creation, deployment, monitoring and maintenance for Azure resources ? so you?re always up to date and in control.
  • Azure Backup: Allows you to managecloud backups and safeguard your important information in the event of a system failure.
  • Azure BizTalk Services: Providesclients with integration services?for public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Azure Cloud Services: Give you the ability to build, deploy and manage software applications, including enterprise-readymobile apps?for any platform or device.
  • Azure Data Factory: Allows you to create,?orchestrate?and schedule work flows, and transformation activities for all of your data – all in one convenient place.
  • Azure HDInsight Service: Provides clients with aHadoop-based service for?large amount of data, so you can stay up to date with the status of your files no matter the size.
  • Microsoft Azure Key: Gives you encryption key managementcapabilities to keep your company secure.
  • Azure Load Balancer: Provides clients with a way todistribute traffic among service instances?in Azure Cloud Services or Azure Virtual Machines.

Find out more about what Microsoft Azure can do to help your company reach operational excellence. Reach out to us by calling {phone} or emailing {email} to speak to a member of our team today to learn how to get started with {company}.

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