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{company} provides you with a new way to securely share and store for business data. Microsoft?s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) gives you the tools the enable your workforce to stay productive on the go, while ensuring your data stays protected.

Give your team the tools they need to stay productive no matter where their job takes them. Give {company}?a call at {phone}?or send an email to {email}?to find out more about the benefits of Microsoft EMS.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite not only allows you to access data on multiple devices, but also ensures the same security measures of your main machine are in place when sharing access across any app or device. {company} can help your company leverage the great features and benefit of EMS, including:

Increased productivity: Simplify administration?with EMS?s self-service and single sign-on experiences, allowing you to manage and control access to all of your corporate resources. All taken care of by the Access Management and User Identity services found in Azure?s Active Directory.

Convenience Data Delivery: EMS delivers applications, PC, and device management and automation?through the cloud, through a single and simple management console. Enjoy the convenience of Mobile Device and Application Management through Microsoft Intune.

Increase Data Security: Protect you company?s data at the source?with Azure Rights Management, giving you more secure access to company resources and allowing you to share and collaborate on sensitive information both inside and outside your organization.

Remote Operations: Run desktops and applications from anywhere! You can change scale quickly to meet evolving business needs and ensuring the confidential and security of your business? information and resources.

Learn more about how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite can do to improve efficiency, productivity, and moral within your workforce. Reach out to {company}?by calling {phone}?or emailing {email}?to speak to a member of our team today.

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