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Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 for Business

LifeChat LX-6000

This headset delivers whether you’re on a crucial call or trying to meet a deadline in a distracting workplace. The stereo ultra-wideband digital audio provides clear, acoustically accurate sound. The noise canceling microphone makes sure you get heard even in noisy surroundings. And the specially designed earpieces provide comfort for the longest days.

Microsoft LifeChat LX-4000 for Business – Ear-cup, Monaural

LifeChat LX-4000

You can tune in online and in life. The single earpiece lets you hear what’s going on around you and still take care of business – whether that is making video calls or listening to music while working. The ultra-wideband digital audio provides clear, accurate sound. The highly sensitive, noise canceling microphone gives you the confidence that you are being heard even when you’re surrounded by a noisy work environment.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business Web camera

LifeCam Studio

Experience the amazing clarity and detail of high-resolution video. With brilliant color and crystal-clear audio, this webcam with a high-resolution widescreen sensor and high-precision optics brings your far-away friends and family closer than ever before. Stay in focus at any distance, with auto focus feature. The TrueColor technology automatically delivers bright and colorful video, in virtually all lighting conditions. The ClearFrame technology provides smooth, detailed video.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema for Business

LifeCam Cinema

The LifeCam Cinema full-featured webcam, with ClearFrame image-processing technology, delivers smooth, detailed video and crystal-clear audio. Digital, noise-canceling microphone helps improve speech quality. 720p sensor captures true high-definition (HD) quality video at up to 30 fps.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-2000 for Business Web camera

LifeCam for Small Business

This Microsoft LifeCam auto-adjusts for low-light conditions. It is easy to use – the camera sets up in minutes with plug-and-play. It is simple to start video calls. One touch of the Windows Live Call button lets you see who’s online, and you’re on your way to making a video call. The built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity.

Questions about pricing for the above products? Please feel free to call and ask. We can have the product delivered while he assist with the setup of your Office 365 account and help train staff as needed.

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