Microsoft to Open Hundreds of Windows Stores in Best Buy Locations

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Interested in Microsoft products like the Surface, but not quite ready to make the jump with your business to these technologies? Now there is a new way for you to test drive a variety of Microsoft products including Microsoft Windows, Surface, Xbox, and Office offerings.

On June 13th, Microsoft announced a deal with retailer Best Buy to set up 500 Windows Stores within existing Best Buy locations across the United States and Canada.

Each of these mini-stores will highlight products like the Surface Pro, the Surface RT.

Since the launch of the Microsoft Surface, many people have been confused by the difference between the Surface Pro and the Windows RT. By opening these new locations, Microsoft hopes to re-imagine how Microsoft products are shopped for, and provide consumers more in-store assistance.

Of course, when it comes down to it, much of this sales advice and assistance will be consumer-focused and driven, and an average consumer looking for a Surface has very different needs than a business owner looking for a tablet or mobile device for his or her business. Small businesses especially will continue to need expert advice on how to best choose and use technology to increase their efficiency and maximize their budget.

One way that business owners can get advice on how to maximize their IT budget with Microsoft products is through specialty blogs. Office 365 Advisors offers blog posts on topics ranging from Office and Office 365 news to how businesses can customize the Surface Pro to their own needs.

Traditionally Microsoft?s primary channel to small and midsized firms has been through its? certified deployment specialists. Organizations like CyberStreams that offer high quality technology services and consulting?are often directly certified by Microsoft to do so. These certified specialists can help small and medium sized businesses control their technology budget and maximize their IT productivity by getting the right support for their goals.

For even more specialized tasks, Office 365 Advisors offers Office 365 consulting and advising services. These organizations offer more Windows-specific services for small businesses looking to move to Office 365, or for businesses already using Office 365 looking for ways to improve their existing functions.

So will the Windows stores opening in Best Buy be enough to help Businesses choose and improve their technology? Probably not, but they will certainly help out consumers!

For more information on how your business can maximize its budget and its technology, contact Office 365 Advisors today!

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