Microsoft Rolls Out New Tools for MDM

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With Office 365’s proven track record?they?consistently?reinvent?themselves?their roadmap continues to grow profoundly through updates. In retrospect,?Office 365?is one of the most popular business cloud platforms to date. Featuring an easy-to-use browser interface,?SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud nomenclature. Why not take it a step further with MDM?
MDM?is nothing new. However, it helps?Office 365 gain more leverage through their large subscription base. The good news is?that this feature available at no additional cost! MDM applies to the following plans: Office 365 commercial, Business, Enterprise, EDU, and Government plans.
According to the Office 365 team, MDM specializes in three categories:

  • Conditional Access: Setting up security policies on devices on Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Azure Active directory will allow you to setup policies effortlessly.
  • Device Management: Features such as device-level pin lock and jailbreak detection prevents unauthorized access to corporate email and data if stolen.
  • Selective Wipe (Remote Wipe): Stay tuned below for more

This?trend?will continue to grow as more users demand and grow accustomed to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).?So what exactly is MDM? Mobile device management secures each mobile device within the organization. In short, devices that are connected to Office 365. These devices consist of iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Phones.
An essential role of Office 365 MDM is the ability to manage polices and control access to an organization’s Office 365 accounts for each device. These policy settings include:

  • Security
  • Encryption
  • Jail broken
  • Managed email profile

For those who are familiar with PowerShell, Office 365 offers additional cmdlets. For more check out the compete list here.
Let’s talk remote wipe. The fact is mobile devices?do get lost. These situations often create downtime. Simple tasks such as replacing or provisioning?a device to company standards can take up a majority of your time. Remote wipe allows an authorized administrator to remove sensitive data from personal devices. This preserves the integrity of personal data and settings.
Sensitive company data is often withheld on both personal and corporate devices. Thus, Office 365 introducing the option?of?remote?wipe?such devices. If your business in need of an?Office 365 migration contact us. Questions or concerns regarding?MDM on an enterprise level, call us today at 855-482-6678.

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