Microsoft Decides to Increase OneDrive’s File Size Limit

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The latest news is the removal of OneDrive’s 2 GB file size restriction. Within two months Microsoft increased their storage capacity to 1TB exclusively for OneDrive for Business subscribers.

With the addition of 1 TB, OneDrive for Business users now have an incentive to upload more files up to the cloud. What good will 1 TB do if the 2 GB file size restriction leaves users wanting more?

From OneDrive’s UserVoice forums?Microsoft’s Group Program Manager Omar Shahine?explained,?”It’s simply an old limit that we’ve been working on removing for far too long now. The good news is that we are actively working on this.” This is great news however, the size limit is still unknown. Certain groups of users have reported an upload cap exceeding 2 GB. Removing the cap for niche users is a start.

Words form Shahine quickly lead to speculation. When will OneDrive allow additional file formats? Any news of increased file upload limits will allow users to rejoice. This a great opportunity for Microsoft by simply motivating their users to consume more data. Microsoft could also leverage this opportunity to leverage new or existing Office 365 subscriptions.

OneDrive is late, competition from?Google and Dropbox have already stepped up their game. Google Drive’s upload limit is at 5 TB while Dropbox is an upload limit of 10GB. Stay tuned for OneDrive for Business updates.

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