Office 2013 Licensing: Sorting Out the Changes

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Microsoft?s changes in Office 2013 Licensing have created confusion among users about what you are actually allowed to do under the new policies. To bring a little clarity to the situation, I have summarized the policy changes in the following list:

  • Office 2013 will now be sold only as a key card. This means that you will have to download the software; gone are the days of getting Office on a DVD or other media.
  • Office 2013?s license will now be tied to one and only one computer. This means that unlike with Office 2010, you will not be legally allowed to transfer Office 2013 to a new PC.
  • If your PC fails under warranty, Microsoft will give an exemption that allows the user to activate Office 2013 on a replacement PC
  • If your PC fails and is not under warranty, Microsoft has assured worried customers that their customer support team will help people handle the situation on an individual basis. There is not, however, a guarantee that you will be able to recover Office 2013 without repurchasing the software.

So, how will this impact you? First of all, businesses will have to more than ever reconsider how they purchase software. Business software is entering the era of downloads and key cards, and businesses will have to get used to not having hard copies of their software.

Second, businesses should consider alternatives to Office Home & Business or Office Professional. Case and Point, Office 365 is a new licensing medium under which users will still be able to transfer licensing to different devices.

So, what is Office 365? Office 365 provides the full suit of Office Applications, including the traditional applications we all know and love like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. in Office Professional Plus, as well as more integration with optional add-on applications such as:

These products work togeather to drive overall business productivity for users. If you just need Office though, there is an option for that. Importantly, because the Office applications and files are stored in the cloud, they can go with you to whatever computer you are using, eliminating the licensing problem of Office 2013.

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