Office 365 Continues to Offer Top Level Security

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On May 3, 2012 Microsoft announced yet another security achievement for Office 365.

Authorization has been granted by the Broadcasting Board of Governors to operate under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). This news influences government agencies, but also speaks to every Office 365 customer of how seriously Microsoft takes information security.


Security has always distinguished Office 365. Microsoft has already been the only major cloud based productivity service signing EU Model Clauses with all clients ? making global security no new development. Additionally Microsoft?s HIPPA compliance helps non-governmental organizations meet their privacy needs. The list goes on with Office 365?s ISO 27001 certification as well as SSAE 16 & 3402.


The inclusion of these security standards isn?t something extra added onto Office 365 for specific clients. Microsoft will sign HIPPA-BAAs, DPA, and EU Model Clauses with all customers regardless of size.


Transparency brings further peace of mind. To facilitate customer understanding of just how secure their data is Microsoft created the Office 365 Trust Center. This tool puts security information in plain sight.



Inside the Office 365 Trust Center: The Who, What, Where and How.


  • Who: Consolidated information about WHO can access your Office 365 data.


  • What: WHAT permissions different admins have to WHAT information.


  • Where: See not only WHERE in the world the servers that hold your data are, but also what factors determine the storage strategy and how it?s optimized for your security.
  • How: Know HOW Microsoft is keeping you safe. You can sign up for e-mail notifications from Microsoft whenever they change any part of their security service. For example they?ll notify you if there is a change to subcontractors used in their security services.



The commitment to develop the best security practices is really a reflection on the product as a whole. Microsoft strives to offer the superior cloud computing service that is appropriate for the highest levels of global business while making it accessible and affordable to any size corporation.



Choosing Office 365 not only increases your business? productivity through products like SharePoint, Lync and Exchange Online, but also gives you government level information security.

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