Office 365 OneNote Top 10 Tips and Tricks

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OneNote is the most underrated program in the Office 365 suite. Its role is frequently misunderstood as just a note-taking application. In fact, OneNote has evolved. Adding features to integrate with the cloud and track every keystroke typed in a customized fashion.

?Cloud Integration in a customized fashion?- why does that matter?!

Imagine those countless meetings jotting down information on pen and paper. Next! You still have to queue all these items on your to-do list. Tips that follow in this article will address inefficiencies, such as the old way of taking notes.

Next time you pick up that pen paper take a glance:


  • You now have the ability to Sync all your notes between multiple platforms, and yes even Mac
  • The sharing of your notes through invites creates a productive multi-user experience
  • The ability to insert audio, video, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and even Outlook Events


Since the announcement of OneNote?s new integration features, all you need is a Microsoft Live account. Here are our top 10 OneNote tips and tricks, check them out below!

  1. Password Protection

    By right-clicking a section you can implement a password to safeguard information such as credit card information, passwords, and legal documents.


  2. Syncing

    The ?Sync automatically whenever there are changes? option is seamless. Use this to simplify information sharing between devices.

  3. Office 365 OneNote Link Sharing

    The option to create a “Sharing Link” lets other users edit the notebook. This provides access to conveniently edit from OneNote Online (Web based OneNote) when accessed from OneDrive.

    Click Image to Enlarge.

  4. Inserting PowerPoint Slides

    Frequent PowerPoint users can pin slides. Simply copy and paste from your PowerPoint presentation!

  5. Send To OneNote

    The Send To OneNote utility on the taskbar features a screen clipping tool similar to the snipping tool.


    OneNote targets the object directly to a section of your notes.

  6. Spreadsheet

    Inserting snippets of Excel spreadsheets with copy and paste.

  7. Outlook

    By right-clicking on a calendar or e-mail object in Outlook you can now transfer these objects to OneNote.


    The results, an event from my personal Outlook calendar in my notes.

  8. Changing Office 365 OneNote Colors

    Change the color by selecting the desired notebook and right-click on properties. Then, choose your color!


  9. Adding Audio and Video

    Navigate towards the insert tab. There is an option to add audio and video recordings.

    Click Image to Enlarge.

    An example of a recorded audio snippet.

    Click Image to Enlarge.

  10. Adding a Checklist

    Checklists are located on the Home tab, then select the To Do Tag. After that it lets you create multiple titles for your checklist.

    Click Image to Enlarge.


The constant hassle of uploading and keeping track of your Office documents can often become repetitive, with the help of OneNote you can easily stay organized. There should be no reason to leave without your digital notebook before a meeting. Because OneNote can now literally be at your fingertips! Hope you found these Top 10 OneNote Tips useful, if you require any assistance regarding OneNote please contact Office 365 Advisors at:
(206) 357-6813

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