Office 365 Service Upgrades

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Check out some of the new upgrades you can expect in Office 365

The Office 365 service upgrades are here, and will be rolling out to users shortly. Apart from a sleek new modern design, here are some of the new features users and administrators can expect:

Click Image to Enlarge. The new Office 365 interface as the sleek, modern design featured in all Office 2013 products

Improved Graphical User Interface:

From the administration and development perspective, the Office 365 Portal will now be significantly more user-friendly, thanks to the updated Graphical User Interface. The GUI now allows administrators and developers to select from intuitive, drop down menus, instead of having to enter commands via Remote PowerShell or additional administration consoles.

Easier Administration:

Changing the setup of pages will be easier for administrators in this update, (our SharePoint developers particularly like this aspect). Also, perhaps one of the most apparent new highlights is the the ease of creating new folders and mailboxes in the new interface.

New Features:

SharePoint will now include features that allow the user to easily create a shared calendar for scheduling. Although this was possible before, it was significantly more complicated than it is in the updated version. This feature could be particularly useful for creating shared equipment schedules, or meeting schedules.

Improved Outlook Features:

Outlook has several improved features in this new update. Some of our favorites are:

  • Increased mailbox capacity ? This version of Office 365 increased the shared mailbox allowance to 25 GB. This means that shared group mailboxes will have more flexibility moving forward in the future.
  • Reports ? regularly updated ?report? functions allow administrators to keep tabs on where mail is coming from, who sends the most mail, how effective Spam and Virus management is, etc.
  • Click Image to Enlarge.

  • Improved Spam and Virus management ? The new version of Outlook in Office 365 will allow users to have greater control over what messages they receive. Users can customize what factors they want to be given higher spam scores, including options like filtering by country of origin domain name, or eliminating emails that try to pose as friendly links.
  • Click Image to Enlarge.

?Click-To-Run? Set-Up:

One of the most unique features of the upgrade is the ?Click-To-Run? set-up feature. When you purchase and download Office 2013, your computer will initially download and set up a limited version of Office. This download takes only a few minutes, and allows you to immediately begin using Office with partial functionality. As you work, the complete version of Office downloads and installs. This means that the time you spend waiting on downloads is reduced to just minutes, letting you get back to work almost instantly!

For a full listing of features in the Office 365 update, click here.

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