Office 365 Site: Launching?

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Note: Office 365 has changed since this blog was posted! Read more about the latest version of Office 365 in our more recent blogs on Office 365 Service Upgrades


There are a large number of changes to the Official Office 365 Site that just took effect sometime earlier today. These include the elimination of the ‘join the beta’ link and new links for ‘free trial’/’buy now’.

There is also clearly defined pricing on the entry pages for the first time. Although the pricing info itself is not new news, the official word has consistently been: ‘we reserve the right to change our previous statements’. Perhaps the prominent position of such pricing signifies they have finally set it in stone.

Steve Ballmer Announcement June 28th – Tomorrow

The timing of these changes seems to imply that tomorrow’s major announcement is in fact the official release of Office 365 This is something Microsoft keeps ‘officially’ denying every time I call them, however, executives have certainly been sending confusing messages (see previous blog: Office 365 Release Date)

Ballmer’s announcement is scheduled first thing tomorrow morning and is viewable by webcast live. (Click Here for Link to Webcast)

Office 365 Pricing

According to the recent changes by Microsoft, the pricing will be as previous assumed: Pricing Info. Small businesses, home offices, and professionals will have pricing options that start extremely low ($6/month/user).

Enterprise customers will have a number of different offerings that create dynamic and scalable options for growing companies (ranges from $2/month/user with Exchange Online Only –> $24/month/user for all current options). Once again, more pricing details can be found here: Pricing Info.

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