Office 365 Service Health

Office 365 Service Health

Service Health refers to whether the Office 365 services are properly available to end customers. If for any reason there is downtime at a Microsoft data center, there is the possibility that it could affect the availability of Office 365. For that reason, it is important that end users have a timely way to resolve the issue and get updates on what is going on.

Microsoft provides these updates through its Office 365 Portal on a Service Health chart (see image below). When everything about a element of the service is operating properly you will see a green check. When services are up, but they are disseminating information, you will see a blue i logo which is a square (perhaps the connectivity is less than perfect, or people are reporting an issue that is unrelated to Microsoft). If services are down for your region there will be a red minus mark and if services are less than perfect but still operating, there will be an orange exclamation point.

Reference the image below as an example: Service has been fine for the past 5 days, yet 6 and 7 days ago there was an issue which affected a minority of end users on certain services. (although most people were unaffected, it was relevant enough to push out updates on what occurred. In this example none of our customers were affected, yet some administrators at other technology firms reported inability to log in).

In aggregate, Microsoft’s online services provide 99.9%+ up-time, however, this number implies that there will be a few hours a month of questionable or no availability. Although downtime is avoided at all costs, anyone who has owned a server knows that 100% up-time is impossible and it is important that you know how to check the service health status for more info. Service health is viewable from the Online Portal on the left hand side near the bottom (between service requests and planned maintenance).

Office 365 Service Health Portal

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