What Is Office Online?

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Newcomers, Office Online is the?bare bones version of the Microsoft?Office Suite. Business users — Office Online should not be substituted for any Office 365?Business or Enterprise SKU. The main focus of Office Online is access and how you plan to use it. Below you will find reasons why the paid version is better; or one could?simply use the Office Online for free.


Office Online Snippet


For consumers, it’s?tempting and?convenient to use?Office Online as a substitute for Office 365. Instead?we can?use Office Online for?accessibility?through the?Office 365 suite. Need to fix a quick spelling error on a PowerPoint or Word Document? It takes half the time to open the document on Office Online?compared to the full fledged Word 2013?or PowerPoint 2013?application. Let’s consider the amount of time you need to save and share a basic Word?document.?Office Online is quick and easy. Especially?on?another computer with a co-worker or friend.? The easiest way to share a document without?e-mail or?thumb drive is saving it through the cloud;?through?services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Such tasks often require updating a specific file; Office Online will?automatically save or?use the sync client?free with?the consumer version of OneDrive.

Let’s compare it?Microsoft Word 2013. Missing features in Word Online?adding WordArt, text boxes, adding comments, and?creating charts–the list goes on. For?a granular spreadsheet?program such as Excel, the full version is unrivaled.?You will notice the absence of?missing ribbons, functions, and formulas.

Google?Docs is a popular choice offering a?similar experience.??However,?Office Online is?a?genuine Microsoft platform designed to?follow Office Suite formatting. The?action of importing and exporting documents requires extra editing through spacing, indentation, and bullets. Importing a Word document?into Google?Docs often?removes the spacing and line indentations can be frustrating.?In a professional?Word Document it’s often the details that count.?Often, improper spacing?and?indentation?ruins?the essence?of a great letter.

Dropbox and Microsoft are partnering up. Recent news suggests that Office Online will?soon integrate?with Dropbox. For now Dropbox simply opens the document for viewing purposes. Which again can?be a hassle for whose who frequently modify their text.

Here’s a direct?ribbon comparison between Word Online and Word 2013:

OfficeOnline Snip

Word Online

Word 2013

Selecting the appropriate Office 365 SKU is a daunting task. It’s important to determine the correct business plan as changing plans can often become time consuming and often costly. Contact an Office 365 Advisor today for the best Office 365 solutions!

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