Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Products

Office 365 Products

When purchasing technology for your firm, it is important to know that your purchase will still be relevant next year, the year after, and five years down the road.

Microsoft Office 365 brings together the best of the collaboration and cloud technologies on the market: Simple pricing options, streamlined updating functions, and effective business conscious solutions to keep your firm on the cutting edge of its industry.

No matter how much the world changes, never find yourself dumping old hardware again.

Microsoft SharePoint Online 2010:

  • Provide a single, integrated portal for employees, customers, and partners to simply and efficiently collaborate.
  • Business class networking options are now available to small businesses through Microsoft SharePoint Online 2010.

Microsoft Exchange Online 2010:

  • Industry leading security for cloud computing. Find out why Microsoft is confident enough to offer a ?Financially-backed, guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement?.*
  • Fortune 500 firms have used the server edition for decades. Now it has been adapted for cloud computing. Bring your firm to a new level with Microsoft Exchange Online 2010.

Microsoft Lync Online 2010:

  • Empower your employees to easily collaborate, anytime, anywhere. Provide safer, faster, and more reliable communication through all mediums.
  • Microsoft Lync Online 2010 brings together a variety of previously independent data formats and is now your one stop hub for all collaboration within your firm.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010:

  • The same Microsoft products you have always known and loved, now brought to your firm?s cloud with simpler pricing options to keep your cost line predictable.
  • Through Office 365, your Office Pro Plus software will always be current. As new versions come out, you already own them without paying more.

Predictable Fixed Rate Pricing:

  • There are a variety of pricing options which work for your firm?s cash flow needs. Bring Microsoft Office 365 products to your firm through a fixed monthly rate per employee, a scaled rate by specific employee role, a complete upfront investment, or numerous other simple pricing models. Find out more.

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