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Note: Office 365 has changed since this blog was posted! Read more about the latest version of Office 365 in our more recent blogs on Office 365 Service Upgrades


LIVE NOTES FROM THE CAST (not edited for typos)

Event is for the Launch of Office 365

First Speaker: Steve Ballmer. Opens by making a case for Office products developing into the cloud and collaboration environments.

Summary of Office 365 Benefits:

  • Stay Connected
  • Easily Share Meetings
  • Unified Communications
  • Even Smallest Businesses Can Easily Create And Edit Sites Like A Word Document.

“Office 365 gives small businesses the edge that allows them to compete with mid-size firms.”

“Office 365 is available NOW, in over 40 different geographies.”

NEXT SPEAKER: Curt Conegsboer

Demo of main dashboard:

  • Access To Tools to Help You Get Started
  • Links to Access Your Email
  • Instant Messaging Links
  • Access to Shared Documents and SharePoint Teamsites

Office 365 Features:

  • Strong Integration With Word and Other Office Products
  • Co-Editing (Demoed Live)
  • Office Web Apps Access
  • Documents in WebApps Look The Same

Moved on to Demo-ing Office 365 Windows phone access. Access Documents and Stay Connected like you would on any other device

Took a picture of audience live and showed how you can collaborate in real time over Office 365

MOVING ON: Communication on Office 365

Outlook in Office 365: 25 GB of access, Forefront Mail filtering, Unified Communications with meeting scheduling and virtual meetings, integration into Lync (even demo-ed how conferencing can be added into reminders).

Lync Online Meeting Features: Whiteboard, Share Desktop, Share Monitor, Presence, Control of What you Share In Meetings.

MOVING ON: SharePoint Online Websites

Showed a site that is under construction by ESL Industries, one of the Beta Customers. “Editing a Website should be as easy as editing a word document.”

Changed logos, text, and gadget features with simple clicking live.


Talking about pricing and the value proposition to smaller organizations: “During the Beta, over 70% of testers were small and medium size businesses”.

Talks about a customer called “Traveler’s Haven” who is a non-profit using Office 365 to interconnect a wide network of employees over large dispersed areas.

Covers a bunch of other “testimonial stories showing how Office 365 is increasing productivity and saving people money.

Talks about the Microsoft Partner network and it’s importance to Office 365.

Talking about how Energizer was their first cloud based Office products customer.

Still rambling on about testimonials…

Thanks audience, for giving him the chance to mark the launch of the product.


My Comments: Nothing new was announced except the well anticipated release. For your reference here are some resources:

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