Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business Walk-Through

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The increased demand for cloud-storage creates a myriad of options. The days of repetitively syncing Microsoft Office documents to e-mail and thumb drives are finally over.

OneDrive for Business (previously SkyDrive Pro) is a Microsoft Office 365 enterprise subscription allowing users to store and share personal files. Existing Office 365 business plan subscribers will have OneDrive for Business readily available. A standalone version is also available at $5.00 per user/month subscription. A current promotion of $2.50 per user/month is available at an annual commitment (promotions may vary).

Accessing Office through OneDrive is effortless thanks to Microsoft Office Online. The familiar Office interface of OneDrive sets it apart from Microsoft’s rivals. Your files will appreciate the familiarity as well.

Ever tried converting a complex Word Document up to Google Apps? If you enjoy reformatting, I highly suggest it. As OneDrive is natively integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, these types of compatibility flaws are avoided.

Here is a brief walk-through of OneDrive for Business:

The New “Save As”

Popular Office Suite programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) containing the “Save As” button will save seamlessly to OneDrive. The new “Save As” button will leave you smitten with how effortless it completes the task. Simply save as you would to any Office suite document. Then redirect it to a Microsoft account with the proper credentials. The option to “Save As” to a OneDrive account will be saved. Adding another Microsoft Account to the menu is also possible. Within the first click it becomes irresistible!

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Utilizing the sharing feature can eliminate downtime and improve efficiency. OneDrive for Business now has the option to share files through a permissions format.
Sharing files and folders will allow the owner to administer shared permissions.

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Desktop Syncing

The desktop syncing option implements a shortcut folder linked directly to OneDrive in Windows shell. For example, saving work documents in Excel format from a home desktop. The file needs to be transferrable to a workstation. Viola, you can access OneDrive via web-interface or save the OneDrive root onto your work desktop as well. The button can be located on the top right of the main page labeled “SYNC”.

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Create/Edit documents with Office Online

Editing Microsoft Office documents collaboratively can be taxing. With OneDrive sending invites leads to editing Microsoft Office documents in real-time. After sending Thomas an invite; he now has access to edit the Word document.

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The introductory 25 gigabytes of storage is expected to receive an upgrade of 1 terabyte per user.

It’s safe to say OneDrive offers the most compatible Office 365 cloud-storage solution for businesses of any size. Smooth integration follows through with a familiar Microsoft layout. I constantly ask myself whether I should save to a local desktop, or OneDrive where I can access it literally anywhere.. Smart phone? Rest assure that Microsoft has already implemented a clean mobile app across platforms. Chances are an Office 365 enterprise subscription already exists in your office, thus we recommend using OneDrive for Business, because you might already have it! If not, call Office 365 Advisors today!

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