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This blog post is intended to be a regularly updated source of new change logs regarding Office 365 products and services. Check back regularly to see if new features have been released by Microsoft. Applicable to enterprise plans only, P1 users check here.

Office on iOS and Android 11/12/2012

Microsoft will be releasing “Office Mobile” for iOS and Android via their Office 365 licensing model.

New Office Web Apps Coming 10/15/2012

Ahead of the Office 2013 release Microsoft is updating its Office Web Apps which integrates with SharePoint Online for Office 365.

New Policy for Inactive Migration Batches 10/9/12

Active migration batches with a status of ?Synced? that have no administrator-initiated activity for the last 90 days will be stopped, and then deleted 30 days later if no further activity is taken by the administrator.

Office 365 Security Changes 5/15/2012

Certification changes to Office 365 services, new FISMA certification.

Office 365 Price Reduction 3/14/2012

A notification that many of the Office 365 SKU prices have changed.

Kiosk Worker Updates 1/7/12

An internal announcement by Microsoft yesterday has added optional unlimited email storage and other improvements to its low-cost, limited version of Office 365 called Exchange Online Kiosk. Click above to read more.

Office 365 Updates 11/28/11

An explanation of a number of major service changes. Including but not limited to: Expansion of services into 22 new countries, Admin self-serve password resets, Lync for Mac information, and other major updates.

Office 365 Updates regarding BPOS migrations on 11/08/11

Presented in the format of a “how-to” guide, this link is a compilation of recent updates regarding the migration from BPOS to Office 365.

Office 365 Service Updates for October

A summary of the major service related updates for October

Office 365 Updates 10/22/11

A summary of the October updates regarding compatibility changes to Office 365.

Office 365 Updates To Patch Desktops 9/18/11

A set of recently updated directions for patching desktops to work with Office 365. Includes links to actual needed downloads for both 32 and 64 bit users.

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