A Brief Word On Cloud Computing

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Most business owners may have heard the buzz-word ‘Cloud Computing’, but what does it mean. Perhaps more importantly, what does it mean in your industry?

Let?s Keep It Simple:


Firms have a physical server which operates their internal network. This requires:

  • Specialized cooling units and environment controls.
  • Noise barriers to prevent the excess noise from intruding on your workplace.
  • An extra locked room at your business which might otherwise be used productively.
  • Involves security implications that leave small businesses exposed to negligence lawsuits.
  • On-site equipment was often paired with unmonitored on-site backup, resulting in lost data regardless of the existence of a supposed ?backup? system.


Cloud Computing removes this liability by removing the need for on-site hardware.

  • No need for space.
  • No need to mitigate excess noise.
  • No need for extra heat and environment controls.
  • No on-site security and liability risk.
  • Redundant business class backup prevents is off-site and more secure, preventing loss of data.

With regard to Office365 products, Microsoft operates redundancy of backup across 3 continents, making sure you never lose data. You save money by taking advantage of efficiencies in scale and outsourcing. Best of all, your new safer network can be accessed from home, work, or on the move.

Anywhere, Anytime, You and your employees can get work done.


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