Why SkyKick Is Your Best Option for Office 365 Migrations

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sidekickWhen you?re dealing with a migration of any existing data, you need assurance that your path will be smooth, secure, and cause as little disruption as possible to your workflow. SMBs often lack the experience necessary to successfully handle a migration; and that?s where {company} and SkyKick come in.

SkyKick is a Seattle-based company that integrates cloud-based products to help service providers manage Office 365 migration projects. {company} is ahead of the curve ? for four years, {company} has teamed with SkyKick to leverage their data migration tools to deliver the finest and most effective Office 365 migration services.

Get in touch with {company} at {email} or {phone} to discuss how we?ll help you carry out a smooth and secure migration.

Experts have stated that Office 365 is a good entry point into the cloud, and E-mail migration is the first checkpoint before any other piece of IT infrastructure is migrated.

According to AMI-Partners, 16% of small businesses and 32% of medium businesses are planning to migrate their E-mail and productivity solutions to Office 365 within the next year. With that in mind, there are several clear reasons why SkyKick is our number one choice. More than any other solutions, SkyKick provides streamlined data migration of email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and public folders.

By now, most SMBs have done some research, and there are still some hurdles in their decision-making. Stats show the most common inhibitors:

  • Concerns about the cloud ? 71%
  • Migration Process ? 44%
  • Data Security ? 33%
  • Uncertainty Regarding Features of Functionality ? 31%
  • High Price ? 23%

The migration process is currently the second biggest deterrent that?s stopping businesses from moving to Office 365. A major part of that is lack of understanding ? so if you have any questions, don?t hesitate to reach out.

Get in touch with the team of experts at {company} to discuss how SkyKick will ensure your migration is secure, smooth and effective. Reach out to us at {email} or {phone}.

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