Windows 8.1 Is Making Its Way to Your Business

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Microsoft announced the release of Windows 8.1 to manufacturing as of Tuesday, August 27. This means that currently only Microsoft Partners have access to 8.1 While 8.1 will not be coming to consumers until October, this release means that the long awaited changes to Windows in 8.1 will finally be making their way to your business.

Windows 8.1 Released

Unlike previous windows releases, there will be no early access to Windows 8.1 release-to-manufacturing bits by subscribers to MSDN/TechNet and volume-license customers. These customers will have to wait until the official Windows 8.1 launch date on October 18th.

Windows 8.1, aka Windows ?Blue? will introduce a number of changes designed to make Windows 8 more usable for business. These changes include:

  • The addition of a start button

  • A boot-to-desktop option

  • The ability to unpin all built in metro apps

We are very excited about these changes, as we expect that they will make Windows 8 a better option for many of our customers.

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