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The more your business grows, the more IT challenges you can face. To help you stay competitive at any level, Microsoft Windows Intune provides a single medium for simplifying the management of endpoint devices.

As Windows Intune is offered via the cloud, costs are kept down and are limited to a simple monthly pay as used structure. It?s your opportunity to get enterprise-quality software and IT management without the enterprise-size expense.

What does Windows Intune Include?

  1. Perpetually current Windows Enterprise software
  2. Standardize on a single version of Windows to increase efficiency. Windows Intune provides all desktop PC users with a current version of Windows desktop software. This standardization of endpoint devices simplifies IT infrastructure and improves efficiency of your IT staff. The monthly payment model also allows for scalability without the same risks. Whereas traditionally businesses had to shell out upfront cash to buy Windows for a new hire, they now can amortize that investment in monthly. If that employee doesn’t stay, then cancel the subscription without a hassle.

  3. Windows Intune Endpoint Management
  4. Centrally Manage all PCs Simultaneously from Anywhere. Includes the following capabilities and more:

    • Manage updates and patches
    • Distribute software
    • Proactive monitoring and alerts
    • Provide remote assistance
    • Track hardware and software inventory
    • Monitor and track licenses
    • Reporting tools to increase network insight
    • Set security policies
  5. Windows Intune Forefront Endpoint Protection
  6. Protect PCs from malware. From the same interface that provides all the above services, also manage your endpoint protection. Windows Intune comes with a full endpoint security license for ForeFront, Microsoft’s premier security software. Includes additional security from BitLocker Drive Encryption.

What does Windows Intune Cost?Windows Intune Logo

  • Windows Intune: $11 USD/Device/Month
  • Windows Intune Add-On : $5 USD/Device/Month (for Windows Client EA customers)

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