Integrating Yammer into your Business – The Yammer App for SharePoint

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Hey you savvy business owner!

We have been posting a lot about how Yammer can be used effectively within your organization. What you might be wondering now is how to actually start using Yammer!

One way to integrate Yammer into your business is by using the Yammer App for SharePoint.

The Yammer App for SharePoint adds the Yammer feed to your SharePoint site, so people can comment and interact with Yammer conversations right inside of a team website. This means no need to navigate to a new location ? everything is continent in one time saving space!

This how-to guide will walk you through the step-by-step process for adding the Yammer Feed to your organization?s SharePoint page.

Yammer App

Step 1: Get the App

Thanks to the collaboration between Yammer and Microsoft, the Yammer App for SharePoint is free! Before you can use it on your SharePoint pages, however, a global Office 365 admin must add the app to SharePoint.

Talk to your Office 365 Admin about adding the App to your Apps available in SharePoint. The process is simple, and the App is available in the Office Store. For a more detailed outline of this process you can visit Microsoft Office?s support page on the topic.

Step 2: Set Up the App

The final step before you can work with the App is your SharePoint site collection admin will need to make the app available for site owners to use.

If you are a SharePoint site collection admin, navigate to the site collection where you ultimately want to add the app. Choose ?Settings?, then ?Site Contents.? Here you will find an option for adding an App. Under the Apps you can add you will see Yammer App for SharePoint. Select ?Trust It? to indicate that SharePoint users of this site can use the app on their customizable pages.

Step 3: Add the App

Now that the app is available in SharePoint, anyone will full control permissions can add the Yammer App for SharePoint as a web part to a page!

To add the app, navigate to the page where you want the Yammer feed to appear. I would suggest choosing a central page where it makes sense to add a social element to your more task-based apps.

Select ?Edit? on the top right corner of the page. This will bring up the editing ribbon. Navigate to the ?Insert? tab and select ?App Part?

Yammer App

Under the App parts drop down menu you should see an option for Yammer Feed

Yammer App

** Important note: If you do not see the Yammer Feed as an option under App Parts, talk to your SharePoint Admin about getting it added.

Select ?Yammer Feed.? You will need to make sure you are signed into Yammer with your Yammer username and password.

You will be prompted to select what type of feed you want to add. There are three types of feeds:

  • Group Feeds: This option lets you display all Yammer conversations specific to a group. To select this option will need to know the Yammer Group ID. This information can be found in the URL address for the Yammer group. The group ID is the set of digits at the end of the URL that looks like ?group&feedID=XXXXXXXX?.

  • Home Feed: This option will display all Yammer conversations that would appear on your Yammer homepage.

  • Comment Feed: This feed will show all conversations people post about this SharePoint page. You will need to copy the URL of the host SharePoint page and paste it into the Host Page URL field.

Once you have inserted the App part into a page, you can edit its dimensions and properties like you would any other App Part!

If you have more questions on either SharePoint or Yammer, contact Office 365 Advisors today. With experience for over 10 years in the IT industry, our engineers and consultants provide best-in-class support and advice to our clients, regardless of their needs!

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