With or Without You: Business is Moving to the Cloud.

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Two things are becoming clear when it comes to the next generation of business technology:


?1.?????? Moving to the cloud is no longer a distant dream.

It?s inevitable that this necessary transition will happen in the near future if it hasn?t already.


2.?????? Migration can be a nightmare.

Fears are holding IT decision makers back from making the switch.


Cisco recently published a survey of global cloud migration from 1,300 IT decision makers in 13 countries. The survey found what many business owners already feel; the cloud is simply the next step in the natural progression of technology. Like all technological evolutions, cloud operations must be adopted for businesses to remain at the top of their game.


The Dream Becomes Reality:


When the survey participants were asked which applications had been moved or would be moved to the cloud within the next year they answered:



  • 77% Moving or have already moved Email and web services
  • 74% Storage
  • 72% IM and Web Conferencing

According to Cisco?s latest report cloud deployments will quadruple this year. Currently only 5% of IT managers have migrated at least half of their total applications to the cloud. However by year?s end the number should quadruple to 20% of all business operating at least half of their systems in the cloud! This trend will continually escalate as the business world adapts to its new web arena.



20% to operate at least half of application in the cloud by the end of 2012.

Fears Conquered:


The most common fears concern email, storage and virtual desktop deployment. Essential components of operations like Email need to be migrated with special care.


People don?t trust the cloud yet:

  • 39% of Cisco’s surveyed IT managers said they wouldn?t trust their own personal information like a SSN to the cloud provider they are currently using.

Migration Hassle:

  • 39% of Cisco’s surveyed professionals would rather get a root canal than address network challenges associated with cloud deployments.


Most business professionals fear length of deployment time, security of data, and smooth transition of applications because they lack knowledge of what steps they will need to take to migrate successfully. They want the cloud; they just don?t know how to get there.


Fears can be alleviated with the right professional assistance. Professional IT support and the right cloud service provider are the wings companies need to soar to the highest levels of productivity and cost efficiency.



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